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warning!  Warning!  WARNING!   This is an adult website!  It contains stories and some images of an adult nature, including some very frank discussions about sex, sexuality, and sexual situations.  while we all attempt to keep an open mind on things, some of the stories and sites linked may contain material that could be offensive to some, and illegal to be viewed or shared with anyone under the age of 18 (21 in some areas).  you can only enter this website if you are an adult and are legally allowed to view adult materials...  the sex stories inside this website are for adults only!

I created this website to make it easier for everyone to find the erotics stories that they really enjoy. I have been a fan of sex stories since before I should have been, and almost 30 years later, I still enjoy well written stories, from erotica to straight out whack off material, penthouse letter style stuff, and straight out hot sex stories. Don't forget to visit our friends... they are the ones that help us spread the word about this site, and let you find the sex stories you want.

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